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Strategic marketing and business services

We’re people with a depth of real world commercial experience in B2C and B2B markets across product and services categories.  We help businesses grow with a relentless focus on the customer and their experience.  Whether its strategy, operations or project execution, we help make your business and your people fit for the future.

The best solutions come from asking the right questions

By listening carefully to our clients and focusing on the customer experience, we identify emotional and rational drivers of customer segments and categories. We utilise creative strategic thinking to identify the need, direction and priority. And with a specialist network of business partners, we execute the plan and measure the result. We create brands and programs that work – at every stage – from defining the problem to the project’s conclusion.

We use both sides of the brain

Creative strategic thinking that is focused on engaging the customer and answering your business challenge is at the heart of everything we do. It means that we need to be both creatively inspiring and data driven. Whether we’re working on a business strategy, a new website or campaign, we never forget that our role is to excite customers and create business value.

Core services that help our clients grow

Strategy and planning

Strategic focus is the starting point for value creation.  Good strategy matches high value customer insights with the business’ core competencies to create competitive advantage. And it does so through practical, implementable plans. We work collaboratively with our clients to unlock opportunities and create sustainable value. We work with senior management to develop business, brand, product and service strategies.

Brand strategy and identity

Well designed brands add economic value to business and generate preference amongst target consumers and employment talent. We focus on defining why the brand exists along with the how the brand behaves.  This method brings together genuine business strengths with compelling consumer insights. And it provides the ideal platform for powerful brand story telling both inside and outside the business.

Research and insights

There’s nothing like facts.  The most critical component of effective strategy is having a deep knowledge of customers. We conduct original research, map the customer experience and uncover knowledge within your business to ensure that strategy and programs are supported by high quality, actionable insights.

Hands on consulting and projects

Let’s set the record straight; we’re not lofty advisors. We bring a depth of real world commercial experience and quality project management expertise to every business challenge. We’re hands on – focussed on the customer, on results, and on developing lasting capability improvement within your business.  We stay engaged from start to implementation.

Customer experience measurement and optimisation

Positive customer experiences that deliver to expectation are a business’ best weapon in achieving profitable sales success and an ongoing pipeline generated by word of mouth and social comment.  We map customer touch points before and after sale and help the business deliver on the key opportunities for value creation.

Outsourced marketing and project management

Most businesses have limited marketing resources, which can make it difficult for senior leadership to move projects along at pace. We help by providing on-site services to lead projects, get things done, conduct annual planning and develop the marketing capability within your business.

Measurement and ROI

The ROI effectiveness of marketing programs and their improvement relies on measurement and review. We develop performance metrics and simple program review processes to ensure that your business maximises the financial return on your marketing investment.

Process and training

We develop the potential of your people by identifying process gaps, designing smart process improvement and training people how to operate most effectively. Our focus on people and their development means that you can expect that the knowledge and skills within your business will grow with every project.

Integrated end-to-end services

Poignand Consulting’s extensive network of trusted referral partners makes execution of all marketing services a breeze.  We can refer or manage with full accountability.

  • Creative development
  • Website design and development
  • Mobile marketing, web and apps
  • Social media
  • Design
  • Print and collateral
  • Search
  • Online content

Experience adds value and reduces risk

The thing about experience is that things are not always as they seem. We’ve mostly been there before, had plenty of success, and some failures too. We have over 25 years commercial experience in marketing, sales and business leadership within B2C and B2B business – large and small, strong and burgeoning. We’re switched on to the opportunities and traps that others miss.  We know when to speed up, when to slow down and who to talk to when. It’s a critical difference.

Services tailored to your business

We’re a service business so exactly what you need matters most.  Our services will match your business needs and budget, whatever the size. Typically, in larger businesses we work on specific projects or strategic initiatives that require our specialised strategy and project management skills. In small to medium businesses, we can either work alongside existing suppliers or offer the efficiency and simplicity of a one stop shop.  Our network of specialist partners allows us to offer the quality and capability of a full service agency, delivered faster and more affordably.

Values you can rely on every day


We love ideas, solving problems and finding new ways


We do the right thing every time and always sleep well


We listen carefully and work together for better insights, ownership, learning and results


We strive for total satisfaction, for our clients and ourselves

Stuart exceeded my expectations in drawing out the “Why” from of my business and finding “What” our clients really need. He created a branding strategy that fits our purpose and communicates exactly who we are to our clients. Stuart has a level of integrity that is rare in the marketing game.  We look forward to working with him more on marketing strategy in the near future.

James Russell

Managing Director, Citymove

First of all, I would like to point out the pleasure I had to work with Stuart. Stuart is really talented and sharp-minded. He is a visionary person, very innovative and creative. His engagement is focused, laser-like, on the customer and their needs. Stuart is also dynamic and consistently shares his knowledge, views and ideas to the better. And above all, Stuart has rock-solid-all-across-the-board marketing experience and a strong analytical mind.

Samuel Avenel

Global Chief Operating Officer, Lyreco

Stuart’s professional side is best described as driven, strategic, agile in his thinking and visionary. And the requisite value of Stuart’s visionary input is high in that he offers the ability to make a material difference to any organisation. On the human side are attributes equally worthy. They too make a material difference. These include insight, empathy, belief in others and a level of honesty that’s hard to match.

Myrna van Pelt

General Manager, Zeno Australia

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